ZINC(K) is the work done by and with the participants of the weekly course ‘Méthode de l’Acteur·ice’ 2013/2014. Based on a variety of texts and authors: Boris Vian, Enzo Cormann, Jim Jarmusch.

The bistro is this unique place where texts by Boris Vian, Enzo Cormann, Jim Jarmusch and others give it back its delicious aroma.

ZINC(K) bistro, café, pub, that’s its name. Here, daily life slowly ticks away to the beat of the clock, from early morning coffee to the last drink of the evening. Lonely souls, lovers for a night, figures from the past or idle poets… stop for a moment, meet and then disappear to resume the course of their lives in the light of day. What have they come to find, what will they leave behind? A bit of poetry, a few dried tears, a flutter of the eyelashes or simply a cup of coffee.

2014 / Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte

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Direction Sandrine Nogueira
Texts Boris Vian, Enzo Cormann, Jim Jarmusch

With Melek Abiska, Jeremy Chevillotte, Caroline Commenoz, Nicolas Bregovic, Johanna Dathe, Marie Jung, Marc Meillassoux, Valéry Valère, Laurence Wegener Lights Benjamin Pohl