Sandrine Nogueira, the founder of TFB/Théâtre en Français in Berlin, runs the “Méthode de l’” courses. Alongside her personal stage projects, Sandrine shares her rigorous and demanding artistic know-how.

One of the special features of her courses/workshops is the mix of experience of the participants. Amateur and professional actors learn from each other and explore acting together. Sandrine works closely with artists and teachers who are always trained, experienced, professional and active in the performing and visual arts.



A multi-disciplinary artist, Sandrine trained at the Académie Théâtrale de l’Union (FR), where she is an actress, director and teacher. She has acted under the direction of Mladen Materic, Jacques Lassalle, Pierre Pradinas, Bertrand Bossard, Georges Bigot, Giancarlo Cobelli and others, and has worked in France, Italy and Germany. She broadened her experience with Josef Nadj, practised popular singing in Italy with Giovana Marini, and realistic acting with Natalia Zvéréva of Moscow’s GITIS and Ron Burrus of New York’s Stella Adler Studio. In 2010 Sandrine set up the TFB/Théâtre en Français initiative in Berlin, where she runs workshops and directs a dozen texts and adaptations of texts by contemporary authors. She bases her work around realistic acting and movement theatre, where action becomes a fundamental element of theatrical language.


Cloé draws on a variety of artistic forms to develop her skills and create dialogue in her independent projects. She took part in four productions with Sandrine Nogueira: “La réunification des 2 Corées”, “Atteinte à sa vie”, “Ma chambre froide” and the film “VERTIGE”, experiences that enabled her to acquire the tools taught by Sandrine and to build together a common language and a relationship of trust. Invited to accompany Sandrine in the development of her next projects, Chloé took part as assistant director and actor-director in the productions “Héroïne”, “Mais la pente et forte” and “Le Songe”. With Astrid Rostaing, they created the performance SHELL, which could be seen as part of the Performing Art Festival Berlin 2021. In 2023, she will be developing a series of short films on the theme of intimacy between women. Trained as a textile designer, she draws on this expertise to create woven tableaux based on photographs.
“TFB is a human fabric; looks, ideas and bodies intermingling, like a continuation of my work as a textile designer. An open door to my curiosity about the world around us.”

Hélène Lina BOSCH

Actress – teacher – author and co-director of the company La Poursuite (France).
After taking a drama baccalauréat and attending an actor-training school in Paris, Hélène joined the Académie du théâtre de l’Union, Centre Dramatique National de Limoges. As soon as she graduated, in 2000 she founded the Cie La Poursuite, a theatre company that develops its work from a collective script.
As part of this company and under the direction of Hala Ghosn, she has performed in Beyrouth Adrénaline, Apprivoiser la panthère (Avignon 2009/10) and A La Folie, a show for young audiences.
For the touring show Mon petit guide in Croatia, she plays the tour guide. La Poursuite recently created Molière’s L’Avare, in which Hélène plays Frosine, a show that is still touring.

Roberto DUARTE

Roberto studied visual art at the University of Chile.
Since the 1990s, xahis working tools have been photography and video. He has developed his work around sound, visual installations, performances and specific projects, usually in collaboration with various artists, musicians, directors and choreographers.
His work has been presented in Chile, Argentina, Mexico, the USA, Spain and Germany.
He is currently developing his work by exploring the transition to improvisation.

Florian BILBAO

I’ve always worked with different themes and artistic fields.
Teaching has been part of my job from the outset: with professional dancers and dancers in training, children, professional actors, immigrants, professional musicians, students, etc.
As a performer, I have been travelling from project to project in Berlin’s contemporary dance scene since 2002.
I create with different teams and artists and for many different audiences. Working with actors and musicians is an excellent way of bridging the gap between dance and these other artistic fields. Performing for an audience of children or young people brings a breath of fresh air into the conventions of art about how to be with an audience.