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Following health measures and exceptional conditions linked to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the ‘Méthode de l’Acteur·ice‘ courses were suspended from mid-December 2020 to March 2021.
Throughout this period, Sandrine Nogueira provided and organised educational continuity specially designed for course participants. She directed individual work to develop autonomy and stimulate creativity.

Using their own resources and the means of expression of their choice, participants in the ‘Méthode de l’Acteur·ice’ course were given a choice of two quotations and/or a monologue and given the task of illustrating it.

This exercise gave everyone the chance to express their creativity in complete freedom, to acquire new working tools – camera, editing, sound design – and to experience the process of creating an individual artistic work.

Suggested quotes:
At Christmas, I don’t want roses any more than I want snow in the spring. I love every season for what it brings.” William Shakespeare
Noel is the eve, it is the waiting.” George Dor

Monologues from:
Antigone by J. Anouilh, Lady Macbeth by W. Shakespeare, King Lear by W. Shakespeare, Rhoda (The waves) by V. Wolf, Cookie (Soudain…chutes et envols) by M. Dilasser, L’attente (Fragments du discours amoureux) by R. Barthes.

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