2023-2024 SEASON

Weekly classes

These French-language drama classes combine theatre and movement, and are designed for beginners and advanced students who want to learn the tools of acting in a demanding and rigorous environment.

This space gives you the opportunity to freely express your personality and creativity. As well as intensive artistic training, it’s a weekly group activity that challenges your outlook, your habits, your view of the everyday world and your very contribution to it.

Individual coaching

Sandrine Nogueira offers one-to-one coaching – a personalised formula: a one-to-one session lasting a minimum of 1 hour for precise, in-depth work on your specific objectives. This may be a professional need or a personal quest.

Who is it for?

  • actors/actresses in training/amateurs, professionals, singers, opera singers, musicians looking to develop their stage presence and dancers.
  • anyone looking to develop their personal and professional skills. Individual coaching is open to everyone. A number of actors, variety/lyrical singers and beginners have already been able to receive effective, friendly support to help them achieve their goals.